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Enhance your team.

Leadership Training EDUCATION SERIES

Every Journey Starts With A Plan


Through your FREE Discovery Session, we’ll begin to uncover your goals and your obstacles to success.  We’ll identify the destination and our path forward begins to develop. 

We offer services for the CEO/Founder, C-Suite, new teams, new leaders, and mid-level leaders.  Mid-level leaders, in particular, are at risk when not introduced to the right knowledge, skills AND application opportunities required to thoroughly understand great leadership and execute business strategyClick on each link to find out more.

InPowering your entire team through Leadership education achieves a minimum of 29% ROI within the first 3 months (   Creating the right culture can result in annualized returns of over 400%.  Employee disengagement can cost you upwards of 34% of their annual salary (Gallup).

What other costs are you paying? The cost of…

  • Time? Success? Burn-out?
  • Lost opportunities?  Misaligned decisions?
  • Execution obstacles?
  • Wrong culture?  Employee attrition, buy-in, lack of opportunity, accountability, engagement?
  • Misaligned DEI initiatives not giving you the results you want?  
  • Lack of leadership skills and implementation of those skills?


Want to have an even greater impact? - Let's Collaborate on an Event or Executive Retreat

Don't see your exact topic? Don't worry, just reach out and let's see if it's within my area of expertise.

Coaching Packages

Executive Coaching, fosters personal and business growth through empowering individuals to identify and take the right action, to learn and implement new skills and foster critical thinking and goal completion.

ROI is tripled when you combine Coaching with any of our Leadership Development packages.  As a business owner taking advantage of our Organizational Growth Model, you can  benefit from on-going Coaching for yourself and your team couple with our robust business growth service.

Executive & Professional coaching

One-on-one coaching for business owners, executives, and emerging Superstars is available through our retainer-based or series-based solutions.

Series and Retainer Coaching packages are custom-designed for you and may include additional services as part of a total solution. 

Coaching packages are sold in minimum 6-month durations, with options to renew, unless otherwise agreed. True, lasting results do not happen from a single session AHA moment, but from reflection, implementation, and evaluation.





Team coaching packages are offered two ways.

First:  In conjunction with a combination of our Leadership Workshops and/or Assessments.  This follow-on services aids in retention and implementation of knowledge, insights on when to use key frameworks introduced, discussions on what didn’t work and why.  Group coaching also creates internal networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, breaks down silos and builds trust and wisdom, furthering engagement and retention across your company,

Second:  If your team is going  through a particularly challenging time, distrust is evident, and you need outside help navigating change and project management and alignment, a group coaching package may be just what you need. 

CEO & Founder/
InP MasterMind

Continue your forward momentum by joining a Mastermind Group. Groups combine peer mentoring, brainstorming, shared knowledge, accountability and support to sharpen business and personal skills, address current problems and capitalize on opportunities. 


Benefits of Mastermind Groups:

  • Collaborate & Synergize with Peers
  • Develop a Network of Trusted Advisors
  • Gain Instant, high-Value Feedback through perspective and introspection


Mastermind groups forming for Spring 2024 

Workshops & Curriculum Series

WORKSHOPS: Workshop topics are individualized based on your needs.  As a Human Leadership & Business Strategist and trained curriculum developer and facilitator, I offer an engaging, interactive experience designed to enhance learning and knowledge/skills implementation back on the job. 

Workshops are level-appropriate, introducing and advancing skill knowledge and implementation based on you and your company’s needs.  For example, most topics can either address the leaders role, or the individual role.  As an idea – frequent topic requests include:

  • Diverse generations
  • The untapped DEI that changes everything
  • Change (leading, navigating, driving)
  • Conflict
  • Difficult People
  • Team engagement
  • Customer care – not Customer Service
  • Communications
  • Topics identified in the Speakers’ page above
  • Putting leadership in your business strategy (c-level up)
  • Coaching for Success

CURRICULUM SERIES:  Some modules are foundational, others will be customized and selected based on your needs. 

  • Emerging Leaders
  • Developing a Career Mindset
  • Moving Up from Leadership to Great Leadership (designed for mid-level and above)


InPower offers assessments to complement our other services.  We believe assessment insights, when incorporated within our other services aid in understanding, engagement, development and retention.  Whether used as a tool for hiring, or to help team members identify their strengths and opportunities, assessments help build understanding of where we are today, helping pave the path for where you want to be tomorrow.


How It Works

Our Growth Process identifies your path forward.  We use this repeating process as you, your team, and your company continue to grow.  Each stage provides clarity, and confidence and gives you the control needed to chart the right course.  Within this framework, our Business Growth Model provides context, incorporating strategy, internal and external forces impacting business success, and incorporates our Leadership Success Formula. This formula is foundational to all we do, starting with the cornerstone – Leading Yourself, moving on to Leading others and Leading performance, processes, procedures.   

InP Growth Process Slide