Success shouldn't be a matter of chance, but of choice!

You're stuck at a crossroads. Previous solutions have resulted in minimal success. When what you really want are solutions for you, your team, and your company that achieve extraordinary success.

There is hope!  You could be looking at the solution right now, and it’s just a click away.


Finding the right path to success, like any problem, requires you to identify the right goals, align the right team in the right roles, partner with the right people, and utilize the right skills and mindset. 


It can feel like a daunting, long & costly journey when you need things done now.  Ready to try something different?  Then stay here for more than 30 seconds. In short – Put that learning mindset to work and check us out.


Because something different is what we offer. We do not separate leadership, at any level, from strategy.  We are a pathfinder and guide dedicated to your success, not ours.  Our success happens when yours does.



Where do you need to go?


How do you need to get there?


How will you measure success?

Find your path now

When you're not getting the results you want from your development efforts, it's time to incorporate Strategic Leadership vertically within your organization

Just like the business side of strategy, Leadership strategy is multi-faceted.  It involves every person, personal buy-in, the right mindset, tools & skills, knowledge, and most importantly, wisdom.  The wisdom to establish multiple goals for every situation, moving forward as you successfully navigate daily problems.  The wisdom on how to empower, how to engage, how and when to challenge and innovate, using old and new tools in different ways to find solutions to today’s complex problems.  


We partner with you to develop the path forward to help you achieve your goals, introducing and solidifying learning every step of the way.      

know your destination

Follow a proven plan.

Our proprietary Leadership Success Formula© grows and aligns Personal Leadership, People Leadership, and Performance Leadership throughout your organization.  Leadership Success then becomes the foundation of our Business Growth Formula©, creating the critical tie-in to your business strategy.  Not understanding this critical tie-in is why the disconnect between low & mid-level leaders and teams is so costly to business strategy.


We can help you navigate safely to higher performance and results by asking the right questions, taking the right actions, identifying the right measurements, and leveraging the right people.

  • Unleash your and your team’s potential
  • Feel confident in your path forward
  • Respond, don’t react, to changing internal and external pressures
  • Achieve the ROI you’ve been looking for
  • Achieve business alignment
  • Love your role, unleash your potential, feel engaged, and have fun, knowing you’ve got this!

Cheryle Hays, MBA

An Experienced Pathfinder
who goes the extra mile

A Leadership & strategy Partner and Coach you can trust

I can help.

Companies and leaders know the solutions they bring their clients and when and why they are the best solution.  They don’t expect their clients to go it alone.  


Neither should you!  When your success is costing you more than it should, when team engagement, retention, failed DEI issues, and strategy alignment are costing you upwards of 34% of each employee’s salary – which it does, btw – just ask Gallup, when you need an unbiased approach to help craft the solution you need, not what you assume you need – that’s when you need a Pathfinder.  

Achieve Brilliance

Why InPower?

Discover, develop, and deliver the right Leadership & Business Strategy, giving you clarity of vision, confidence in implementation, and the tools needed to control and respond to external forces while navigating your path to success. Our proven process helps you turn knowledge into wisdom, positioning you for success.  We help you identify what to do when to do it, and how to do it!  Best reason? Solutions are crafted based on your opportunities and obstacles, not the other way around.


Within the InPower Growth Process, we incorporate our two proprietary frameworks, i.e. our Leadership Success Formula and our Business Growth Formula.  These three work in tandem, providing an easy way to measure and achieve success. 

InP Growth Process Slide

Growth requires determination, action, and time. It requires the integration between Personal, People, and Business Performance Leadership. Having a Pathfinder can help you and your team reduce time and cost. Using our proprietary frameworks ensures alignment, synergy, buy-in, and results throughout your organization. No matter where we start within your organization, we help you unlock extraordinary Personal, People, and Performance success.

discover your path to success

Identify your challenges and your goals. Let's connect and discuss the possibilities.


We customize our tools and services based on your needs, designed to optimize your success.

achieve Success

You, your business, your team, your success! There is a path through the maze, and having a trusted pathfinder on your team is a winning strategy!

Our clients achieve success

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Leadership Training

Have an even greater impact

Start on your path today.

What is the cost if you do nothing?  The cost of…

  • Your time?
  • Lost opportunities?  Misaligned decisions?
  • Vertical strategy execution obstacles?
  • Employee attrition, buy-in, and failed DEI initiatives?  
  • The wrong culture? (opportunity, accountability, engagement)
  •  Lack of leadership skills and implementation of those skills?
  • Leaders driving by personal WIIFM first


InPowering your entire team through Leadership education achieves a minimum of 29% ROI within the first 3 months (   Creating the right culture can result in annualized returns of over 400%.  Employee disengagement can cost you upwards of 34% of their annual salary (Gallup).

Our services include combinations of:

  • Executive Retreats & Workshops
  • Executive & Team Coaching
  • Interactive Education


We offer services for the CEO/Founder, C-Suite, new teams, new leaders, and mid-level leaders.  Mid-level leaders, in particular, have not been introduced to the vision, mindset, leadership, and executive presence skills and choices required to execute business strategy.  


Every Journey Starts With A Plan


Through your FREE Discovery Session, we’ll begin to uncover your goals and your obstacles to success.  We’ll identify the destination and our path forward begins to develop. 

We offer services for the CEO/Founder, C-Suite, new teams, new leaders, and mid-level leaders.  Mid-level leaders, in particular, are at risk when not introduced to the right knowledge, skills AND application opportunities required to thoroughly understand great leadership and execute business strategyClick on each link to find out more.

InPowering your entire team through Leadership education achieves a minimum of 29% ROI within the first 3 months (   Creating the right culture can result in annualized returns of over 400%.  Employee disengagement can cost you upwards of 34% of their annual salary (Gallup).

What other costs are you paying? The cost of…

  • Time? Success? Burn-out?
  • Lost opportunities?  Misaligned decisions?
  • Execution obstacles?
  • Wrong culture?  Employee attrition, buy-in, lack of opportunity, accountability, engagement?
  • Misaligned DEI initiatives not giving you the results you want?  
  • Lack of leadership skills and implementation of those skills?


Want to have an even greater impact? - Let's Collaborate on an Event or Executive Retreat

Don't see your exact topic? Don't worry, just reach out and let's see if it's within my area of expertise.

Coaching Packages

Executive Coaching, fosters personal and business growth through empowering individuals to identify and take the right action, to learn and implement new skills and foster critical thinking and goal completion.

ROI is tripled when you combine Coaching with any of our Leadership Development packages.  As a business owner taking advantage of our Organizational Growth Model, you can  benefit from on-going Coaching for yourself and your team couple with our robust business growth service.

Executive & Professional coaching

One-on-one coaching for business owners, executives, and emerging Superstars is available through our retainer-based or series-based solutions.

Series and Retainer Coaching packages are custom-designed for you and may include additional services as part of a total solution. 

Coaching packages are sold in minimum 6-month durations, with options to renew, unless otherwise agreed. True, lasting results do not happen from a single session AHA moment, but from reflection, implementation, and evaluation.





Team coaching packages are offered two ways.

First:  In conjunction with a combination of our Leadership Workshops and/or Assessments.  This follow-on services aids in retention and implementation of knowledge, insights on when to use key frameworks introduced, discussions on what didn’t work and why.  Group coaching also creates internal networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, breaks down silos and builds trust and wisdom, furthering engagement and retention across your company,

Second:  If your team is going  through a particularly challenging time, distrust is evident, and you need outside help navigating change and project management and alignment, a group coaching package may be just what you need. 

CEO & Founder/
InP MasterMind

Continue your forward momentum by joining a Mastermind Group. Groups combine peer mentoring, brainstorming, shared knowledge, accountability and support to sharpen business and personal skills, address current problems and capitalize on opportunities. 


Benefits of Mastermind Groups:

  • Collaborate & Synergize with Peers
  • Develop a Network of Trusted Advisors
  • Gain Instant, high-Value Feedback through perspective and introspection


Mastermind groups forming for Spring 2024 

Workshops & Curriculum Series

WORKSHOPS: Workshop topics are individualized based on your needs.  As a Human Leadership & Business Strategist and trained curriculum developer and facilitator, I offer an engaging, interactive experience designed to enhance learning and knowledge/skills implementation back on the job. 

Workshops are level-appropriate, introducing and advancing skill knowledge and implementation based on you and your company’s needs.  For example, most topics can either address the leaders role, or the individual role.  As an idea – frequent topic requests include:

  • Diverse generations
  • The untapped DEI that changes everything
  • Change (leading, navigating, driving)
  • Conflict
  • Difficult People
  • Team engagement
  • Customer care – not Customer Service
  • Communications
  • Topics identified in the Speakers’ page above
  • Putting leadership in your business strategy (c-level up)
  • Coaching for Success

CURRICULUM SERIES:  Some modules are foundational, others will be customized and selected based on your needs. 

  • Emerging Leaders
  • Developing a Career Mindset
  • Moving Up from Leadership to Great Leadership (designed for mid-level and above)


InPower offers assessments to complement our other services.  We believe assessment insights, when incorporated within our other services aid in understanding, engagement, development and retention.  Whether used as a tool for hiring, or to help team members identify their strengths and opportunities, assessments help build understanding of where we are today, helping pave the path for where you want to be tomorrow.

Cheryle Hays, Pathfinder

My purpose is to unleash the leadership potential in others, transforming organizations at the intersection of leadership, strategy, culture, and engagement.  

I am a best-selling author, executive coach, speaker, culture strategist, and facilitative leader, a volunteer in our local entrepreneurial start-up eco-system, mom, wife, and lover of fine wine and dark chocolate.  I am an INTJ and a Pathfinder.  I listen.  I explore.  I solve.  I connect.  I learn.  I share.  

As an INTJ strategist and Pathfinder, I believe the essence of creativity is the ability to apply existing knowledge and insight to a situation never seen before.   As David Epstein, “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World” so clearly states, “…the most successful problem solvers spend mental energy figuring out what type of problem they are facing before matching a strategy to it, rather than jumping in with memorized procedures”.  My range of experience comes from working with micro start-up firms thru multi-national corporations, from thousands of employees to only a handful, from industry leaders to those on their way up. This range of experience enables me to see connections and paths others do not. 

I believe that thriving during constant change brings a competitive advantage in today’s complex environment.  So does unleashing true diversity – the diversity of who we are, not just what we are.  I believe we are all leaders, even if only over ourselves, and until we unleash Personal Leadership, we can only be minimally successful as both a follower and a leader of others.  

Why would I make a good business partner for you?  I’m nice, kind of funny, and know my models and frameworks work, I’ve seen them in action.  I measure my success by my clients – after all, that’s my purpose, to help make others successful, not by telling, but through In-Powering others!

I incorporate my MBA education with the knowledge, skills, and resources gained in over 25 years of leadership and business development, always seeking to learn, to do, to become, to help -more.  

Check out our VALUES below!

Values We Live By

Together, our values impact every decision we make, from how we operate, how we grow,  how we work with clients, and the type of partner and vendor relationships we cultivate.

We treat ourselves, our clients, partners, and stakeholders with Honor, Respect,Integrity, deliberately choosing to:

We believe in creating diverse, strong, united individuals and teams that produce real, lasting results for the individual, the team and the company. We embrace our definition of “INPOWER”: To lead, learn, encourage, equip, and continuously grow our clients and ourselves.

These 1st two values allow us to build and sustain the trust needed to act

We tackle the tough problems, respectfully ask the difficult questions, and challenge assumptions and limiting beliefs.
This allows us to fully

Our focus is on identifying the right path to solve our client’s problems and help them capitalize on their opportunities.

Ready to Find Out More?

Reach out today and let's start a conversation - not a sales pitch, but a conversation.


Enhance your team.

Leadership Training EDUCATION SERIES

How It Works

Our Growth Process identifies your path forward.  We use this repeating process as you, your team, and your company continue to grow.  Each stage provides clarity, and confidence and gives you the control needed to chart the right course.  Within this framework, our Business Growth Model provides context, incorporating strategy, internal and external forces impacting business success, and incorporates our Leadership Success Formula. This formula is foundational to all we do, starting with the cornerstone – Leading Yourself, moving on to Leading others and Leading performance, processes, procedures.   

InP Growth Process Slide