Business & Personal success shouldn't be a matter of chance, but of choice

Ever struggle to identify
the right path forward?

Finding the right path to success doesn’t have to be like finding a way through a maze, blindfolded!



Where do you need to go?


How will you get there?


How will you measure, evaluate, and adjust?

Find your path now

70-90% of the businesses that fail are due to a lack of strategy, poor implementation & failed leadership!

That’s staggering and tragic!  Business owners and leaders know their product or service, but many lack the robust business & leadership skills needed for sustainability and growth.  

Crafting and implementing the right strategy removes uncertainty and ambiguity.  Developing a sound implementation plan begins to move you forward on your path.  However, true success happens when you energize you and your team through Inpowering Leadership.  These three components (Personal Leadership, People, Performance) sync and energize you and your team to confidently move forward on the right path to success.

Want the odds of success to be “forever in your favor”?   Having a pathfinder like InPower Strategists on your side can help.

know your destination

Follow a proven plan.

Navigate safely to higher performance and results by asking the right questions, taking the right actions, identifying the right measurements, and leveraging the right people.

  • Feel confident in your path forward
  • Respond, don’t react, to changing internal and external pressures
  • Achieve the ROI you’ve been looking for
  • Realize your potential
  • Love your business again, knowing you’ve got this!

Cheryle Hays, MBA

An Experienced Pathfinder
who goes the extra mile

A strategy Partner and Coach you can trust

I can help.

Business leaders don’t need someone to tell them what to do and then leave. They need someone to listen.  Someone to help them identify and solve their problems, providing the additional skills, knowledge, and tools needed, offering an ongoing monthly relationship they can count on.  They need a Pathfinder.

Achieve Brilliance

Why InPower?

Discover, develop, and deliver the right strategy, giving you clarity of vision, confidence in implementation, and the tools needed to control and respond to external forces while navigating your path to success. Our proven process helps you drive your business forward, by identifying what to do, when to do it, and how to do it!

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Strategy is not static. You need a Pathfinder that equips you to proactively identify and adjust to changes. You need a plan that is infinite in nature, not finite, becoming a critical process to move you and your company forward.

discover your path to success

Identify your challenges and your goals. Let's connect and discuss the possibilities.


We customize our tools and services based on your needs, designed to optimize your success.

achieve Success

You, your business, your team, your success! There is a path through the maze, and having a trusted pathfinder on your team is a winning strategy!

Our clients achieve success

Meet Some of Our Clients

Leadership Training

Have an even greater impact

Confidently move forward today.

InPowering your entire team through Leadership education achieves a minimum of 29% ROI within the first 3 months, according to a 2019 report from   Creating a culture where you and your team will implement the tools successfully results in annualized returns of over 400%.

Our comprehensive education offerings are designed to meet your team where they are and take them to the next level.   We incorporate interactive learning and engagement along with real-life situations and coaching to maximize their experience and  your return. Incorporate our individual and team coaching with our “Becoming an Effective Leader”, “Growing your Executive Leadership” or our à la carte offerings for even greater impact.

Cheryle Hays, Pathfinder

My passion is to encourage and equip others.  The joy I receive from living my passion is in helping others achieve success.  I fulfill these passions through my love of leadership and business, focusing on the 2 most important formulas for personal and business success.  At Inpower, we consider how Leadership, the Team, and the Processes impact Performance.  But we don’t stop there.  We work with companies to sync performance with the right strategy to fulfill the Vision and Mission.  The result is real growth for the company, the team, and the business owner. 


I believe the essence of creativity is the ability to apply knowledge and insight to a situation never seen before.   As David Epstein, “Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World” so clearly states, “…the most successful problem solvers spend mental energy figuring out what type of problem they are facing before matching a strategy to it, rather than jumping in with memorized procedures”.  How we utilize the breadth of our experiences, our team, our customers, diverse experiences, unlikely observations, and correlations, is critical to solving today’s complex problems.


So, what am I?  Who am I?  Why would I make a good business partner for you?  I’m nice, kind of funny, and seriously believe that the Individual + the Team + Operational Performance = Success.  Off in any one area, you miss being as personally and professionally successful as you could be. 


I’m more than a mentor, consultant, business advisor, or coach. I am a Pathfinder.  I listen.  I explore.  I connect.  I learn.  My MBA from TCU (go Frogs) was just the start on my life-long journey.  I incorporate that education with my knowledge, skills, and resources gained in over 25 years of leadership and business development, to help clients achieve success. My range of experience comes from working with micro start-up firms up to multi-national corporations, from thousands of employees to only a handful, from industry leaders to those on their way up. This range of experience enables me to see connections and paths others do not.


For more specific information, feel free to check out my LinkedIn or Facebook page, or better yet, email me! 

Values We Live By

Together, our values impact every decision we make, from how we operate, how we grow,  how we work with clients, and the type of partner and vendor relationships we cultivate.

We treat ourselves, our clients, partners, and stakeholders with Honor, Respect,Integrity, deliberately choosing to:

We believe in creating strong, united individuals and teams that produce real, lasting results. We embrace our definition of “INPOWER”: To lead, learn, encourage, equip, and continuously grow our clients and ourselves.
These 1st two values allow us to build and sustain the trust needed to act

We tackle the tough problems, respectfully ask the difficult questions, and challenge assumptions and limiting beliefs.
This allows us to fully

Our focus is on identifying the right path to solve our client’s problems and help them capitalize on their opportunities.


Enhance your team.

Leadership Training EDUCATION SERIES

What We Do

Which Service Appeals To You?

We provide robust solutions, including services such as Coaching, Business Advising, Consulting and Mentoring.  We provide customized Learning & Development solutions for all levels within the organization.  These services are bundled to develop comprehensive solutions designed to solve real issues and capitalize on important opportunities.

What We Do

At InPower Strategists, we use a solution-oriented approach to identify, assist, and inform you about career advice based on your present circumstances and objectives for career progression.  We offer multiple forms of coaching, from young professionals to business owners, and connecting team leaders. Read below to see which coaching is right for you:

Individual coaching

InPower Strategists helps scalable Texas businesses, owners and teams create and bring the right growth strategy to life.



Individual coaching, 1v1 sessions meeting maximum of once a week, for approximately 60-90 minutes. 4 month minimum commitment
Group Coaching coupled with Leadership Education. Group meets remotely every other week for educational component. Individual coaching sessions held in-between

Group Leadership Coaching

Education Series include: Becoming an Effective Leader Leading at the Executive Level Individual units are also available. We have a comprehensive offering in relevant business topics such as: Both Leading & Navigating Change Inclusive Leadership / DEI Customer Care Turning conflict to collaboration


How It Works

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