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What We Do

Which Service Appeals To You?

We provide robust solutions, including services such as Coaching, Business Advising, Consulting and Mentoring.  We provide customized Learning & Development solutions for all levels within the organization.  These services are bundled to develop comprehensive solutions designed to solve real issues and capitalize on important opportunities.

What We Do

At InPower Strategists, we use a solution-oriented approach to identify, assist, and inform you about career advice based on your present circumstances and objectives for career progression.  We offer multiple forms of coaching, from young professionals to business owners, and connecting team leaders. Read below to see which coaching is right for you:

Individual coaching

InPower Strategists helps scalable Texas businesses, owners and teams create and bring the right growth strategy to life.



Individual coaching, 1v1 sessions meeting maximum of once a week, for approximately 60-90 minutes. 4 month minimum commitment
Group Coaching coupled with Leadership Education. Group meets remotely every other week for educational component. Individual coaching sessions held in-between

Group Leadership Coaching

Education Series include: Becoming an Effective Leader Leading at the Executive Level Individual units are also available. We have a comprehensive offering in relevant business topics such as: Both Leading & Navigating Change Inclusive Leadership / DEI Customer Care Turning conflict to collaboration


How It Works

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