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Leadership Training EDUCATION SERIES

Every Journey Starts With A Plan


Let’s explore  your opportunity. In a brief call, we’ll discuss your goals and needs to see if we’re a good match.  LET’S CHAT.  If so, we’ll book your complimentary Discovery Session. This session focuses on uncovering your objectives, challenges, and KPI’s, paving the way for a clear path forward. Let’s start the conversation! 

We cater to CEOs, Business Owners, and HR leaders needing to prepare teams to thrive in this new era, by focusing on:

  1. Redefining leadership for sustainable, future-focused success.
  2. Teaching leaders and teams how to  R.E.S.P.O.N.D., not react.
  3. Eliminate gaps between leadership, culture, strategy, engagement and the bottom line.


Explore our offerings and discover how we help minimize the costs of lost opportunities, misalignment, burnout, poor culture, and ineffective leadership. Click each link to learn more.



Why Choose InPower?

  • InPowering your team can yield a minimum of 29% ROI in just first 3 months (
  • Creating the right culture can lead to over 400% annualized returns. 
  • Truly impacting employee engagement can save you 34% of their annual salary (Gallup).


Don't see your exact topic? Don't worry, just reach out and let's see if it's within my area of expertise.

Coaching Packages

Executive Coaching enhances personal and business development, unlocking executive presence and building impactful influence. It empowers individuals to identify and take decisive action, learn new skills, and bolster critical thinking and goal completion.

Maximize ROI by combining Coaching with our Leadership Development packages. Business owners utilizing our Organizational Growth Model can continuously benefit from personalized coaching, aimed at strengthening their own and their team’s executive impact, alongside our comprehensive business growth services.

Business & Executive coaching

We provide personalized one-on-one coaching for executives, business owners, and emerging leaders. Our packages are designed to meet your unique needs, and may  include additional assessments and tools as needed. Available in  six month packages, we ensure lasting impact through reflection, implementation, and evaluation.



Team coaching is offered in two distinct formats:


First, always included with our Leadership Workshops, this approach ensures knowledge retention and application, fostering trust, encouraging networking, dismantling silos, and boosting engagement and retention across your organization.

Second, specialized closed-group coaching  guides teams through change, effective project management, and alignment during challenging periods.

Leadership MasterMind

Enhance your leadership through our Mastermind Group, akin to an executive think tank. Collaborate on business challenges, build a trusted network, and gain valuable insights and perspectives. Join our Spring 2024 groups now forming.

Workshops & Curriculum Series

WORKSHOPS: Tailored to your unique requirements, our workshops offer an engaging and interactive learning experience. As a Human Leadership & Business Strategist, trained curriculum developer, and facilitator, I ensure the content enhances practical knowledge and skill application in the workplace. These workshops are customized to suit various levels, advancing skill knowledge and implementation based on your specific company needs. Popular topics often requested include:

  • Leading in the Age of AI
  • R.E.S.P.O.N.D
  • Redefining Executive Presence
  • Why Self-Awareness Doesn’t Work – but What Does!
  • Building Team Engagement Through Empowering Leadership
  • Thriving in a Constant State of Change
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • It’s Customer Care – not Customer Service!
  • Coaching for Success
  • Developing a Career Mindset



  • R.E.S.P.O.N.D.
  • Unlocking Executive Presence
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Developing a Career Mindset


InPower provides assessments as an integral complement to our services. These assessments deliver valuable insights, enhancing understanding, engagement, development, and retention within our programs. Whether utilized for hiring or helping team members recognize their strengths and growth areas, these assessments establish a clear understanding of your current position and guide the journey towards your future goals.

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How It Works

Our Growth Process identifies your path forward.  We use this repeating process as you, your team, and your company continue to grow.  Each stage provides clarity, and confidence and gives you the control needed to chart the right course.  Within this framework, our Business Growth Model incorporates strategy, data analysis, and our Leadership Success Formula – the cornerstone of all we do.     

The services we offer are how we deliver our solution.  We utilize any combination needed of our assessment, executive coaching, keynotes and workshops, curriculum or leadership masterminds to provide just what you need.  

The goal is to understand who you are, who your team is, identify the current state, develop where you need and want to go and create a path to get there.  During the delivery phase, we do not just provide a one-and-done service.  We are with you along the way to ensure the solutions we bring are incorporated for today, but living and adapting for the future.

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